it’s all g(uilt)

This post was written in two parts. One at the start of the year, the second approaching the mid-point of 2018. 01/01/2018 Recently, I sent messages to people this New Year's, the content corresponding with whatever it is I have to say. It also includes people that I haven't talked to in years or have… Continue reading it’s all g(uilt)



You can always tell what's going on in my life based on the condition of my skin. If my skin is glowing or in a relatively good state, it means that I have minimal worries, save for a few To-Dos for the day. When my redness starts to peek through, there's probably something that's been… Continue reading wiederspiegeln

skincare routine (2017)

I have a very special relationship with my skin. My face broke out a lot earlier than the others in school and it made me self-conscious from an early age. A lot of people would point it our or make fun of it. Throughout that time I tried a lot of skincare products and looked… Continue reading skincare routine (2017)